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1 Peter 3:15

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This page dedicated to the ACTS email list.

ACTS Main Email List

The ACTS Apologetics Email List can be subscribed to by sending an email to:

This list is the "home" list for ACTS. The ACTS Email Group is the oldest email group on the Internet devoted to Catholic Apologetics! We originally started as a BBS sub-board on Mike Middleton's "All Nite Cafe" in Phoenix. ACTS soon teamed up with Mike and Sharon Mollerus' CIN forums as "CIN-ACTS" and that group still exists too, but now as CIN_Apolo. ACTS was an early website on the public Internet and has continued the tradition of the email list/group.


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ACTS is a Catholic Apologetics list, dealing with questions on and about the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.


The Purpose of the ACTS list is as follows: ACTS is an acronym for the American Catholic Truth Society. This list deals with Catholic Apologetics. Discussions involving the Catholic Faith are welcome. Below are some of the "DOs" and "DON'Ts" of this list:


  • Discuss the Catholic Faith.
  • Ask questions about the Catholic Faith.
    • Non-Catholic challengers are required to stick to ONE challenge/question at a time.
  • Challengers will clarify their question, once a moderator has accepted that question, the challenger will not move on to other topics until either consensus is reached, and/or the argument is conceded.
  • Present and document your discussions with authentic Catholic Teachings (or retract them).
  • Be respectful of others, regardless of their faith and/or religious background.
  • Share with us WHY you are a Catholic or how you became a Catholic.
  • Use ad hominem, (attacks on a person).
  • Discuss Traditional vs. Modern Catholic teachings.
  • Be disrespectful of any person or their office.
  • As a challenger, discuss more than one "accepted" topic at a time.
    • And don't bring up "unaccepted" topics/questions. This will be seen as a diversionary tactic and will bring moderator action.
  • Flood the list with numerous postings (such an abuse will result in your account being immediately disabled).
  • Discuss things that have been declared "off-topic" by a moderator.
  • Post advertizing without the expressed written permission from one of the moderators.
  • Discuss the rules and/or moderation of the list in public, write another moderator or the list owner privately on such matters.

This "DO's and DON'Ts" list can grow. If you have suggestions for additional "rules" for the ACTS list, please submit them in private email to

I thank you all for your cooperation on these matters! The ACTS list is going GREAT! Let's keep it that way!

The Blessed Virgin Mary


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