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1 Peter 3:15

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ACTS Sponsored Email Lists

ACTS Email List

ACTS is THE original email list solely dedicated to Catholic Apologetics! ACTS started as a local BBS email system in Phoenix, Arizona back in 1989. Soon ACTS was linked with Mike and Sharon Mollerus and the CIN BBS system, then it was called CIN-ACTS. When the ACTS List went out on its own, CIN retained an apologetics list which is now called CIN-Apolo. This list is strictly moderated to keep discussions on topic and civil. For more information and the ACTS Rules, click here.

To enter the ACTS List Online immediately, click here now, and you'll be taken to the online version. Here you can enter/join the list, or just look at the public archives. You must be a member of the list to contribute, but anyone can view the archives. ACTS is primarily for discussions between Catholics and non-Catholics.

Do you have questions about Apostolic Succession, the Papacy, the Eucharist, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception? Join us in ACTS today!

BigScott (Scott Windsor)
Maggie (Margaret O'Hearn)
Verga (Verga)

BattleACTS Email List

BattleACTS was formed for those who do not like the more formally moderated structure of ACTS. On BattleACTS just about anything goes, so long as you refrain from profanity and/or outright disrespect for the Church and others. Other than that, the moderator pretty much let's this list "go at it." For more information on BattleACTS, please see the BattleACTS Homepage. If you'd like to go directly online now, then click here. BattleACTS is primarily for discussions between Catholics and non-Catholics.

A rule similar to one on ACTS (Catholics will not be the challengers) will be enforced, that is, professing Catholics will not be permitted to post on topics forbidden by the Magisterium as scandalous, errant or not appropriate for public discussion.

BigScott (Scott Windsor)
Maggie (Margaret O'Hearn)
Verga (Verga)

Catholic Debate Forum

To go online directly now, click here.

In this email list / online group, more topics can be discussed that are usually limited from our "apologetics only" groups (ACTS and BattleACTS).

Topics that may be "shunned" in other forums, like the bishop/priest scandal cover-ups, the Pope at Assissi, etc. that we don't "get into" in the more apologetics focused discussions, are fair game here. Some like to discuss the Church's stand on slavery - not an apologetics issue either, so here would be a better place for such discussions - for we DO have answers, it's just not the "focus" of a group/list that is dedicated to apologetics between Catholics and non-Catholics. Speaking of "non-Catholics" - how about a discussion on "ecumenism?" What constitutes "false ecumenism?" Anyway, join us with your favorite topic - or join us and sit back for the ride!

So, with this in mind - most any topic is fair game and open for discussion.

The primarily enforced rules will be:

  1. Be able to document yourself or retract.
  2. No profanity.
  3. If any ad hominem is used in your posting, you must include the words "Ad Hom" in the subject header, for the benefit of those who wish to filter out such invalid arguments.
New members are temporarily moderated to help stop "spammers" from getting through. Once we're relatively confident a new member is not sending spam, we'll remove the moderation. This does not happen automatically.

BigScott (Scott Windsor)

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