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Always be prepared to give an answer.
1 Peter 3:15

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Battle ACTS
The American Catholic Truth Society
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A "no-holds-barred" approach to apologetics.


BattleACTS Main Email List

The BattleACTS Apologetics Email List can be subscribed to by sending an email to:

This list is the "home" list for BattleACTS. To go online CLICK HERE. If you're already a subscriber to BattleACTS - you just need your Yahoo account to access the list online. New subscribers can sign-in and read and respond - or you can just "visit" without signing in, but you will not be permitted to post messages.

This page is dedicated to the BattleACTS email list (formed May 24, 1999) whose purpose is to debate Catholic vs. Protestant in the least restrictive environment. Providing the participants are not getting into profanity, the list owner will allow virtually all discussions to go on uninterupted.

This means that this particular list is NOT for the weakminded or weakhearted! You may get called a heretic here, but your accuser will have to support what he/she says with verifiable documentation, (official Church documents online are acceptable).

So, essentially, for now, this list has five rules:

  1. No profanity.
  2. Be able to document your claims, or retract them.
  3. Direct ad hominem is forbidden.
  4. Catholics will not be the challengers/detractors here.
  5. Abide by the decisions of the moderators.
Persons found to repeatedly violate the list rules will be subject to removal from the list.

In accordance with the expressed description of this group (to be able to support/document from authentic Catholic teachings) challengers found to be "flooding" the group with topics, diluting discussions, may be moderated to limit them to one topic (of their choice) at a time. You may attack what a person SAYS but not their person. You may challenge a person's understanding - but do so in the spirit of 1 Peter 3:15-17. Always be prepared to give an answer, but do so charitably. Do not attack persons, but be respectful and those who attack you for your good discussion will be brought to shame.

For an example of what is forbidden:
That statement cannot be true because you are an idiot.
You are (fill in the blank with some derogatory term).

Now you could say, "that's an idiotic response." In such a situation you're not directly calling the person an idiot - only that their response was idiotic. That sort of speech is a bit inflammatory and as such is expressly forbidden on the ACTS List, and while not expressly forbidden on BattleACTS, it is still strongly discouraged and subscribers who repeatedly and/or overly use such inflammatory speech (in the view of the moderators) may still face moderator intervention - and therein you must abide by rule #5 (above).

If you have a request of the list owner, please write me privately at: and not post publically to the list, and this goes for requests for moderation too.


The BattleACTS List! We're on Yahoo Groups. To join, just send an email to:
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