About ACTS

This is A.C.T.S. , the lay apostolate of Scott Windsor. A.C.T.S. was originally started in 1966 by Francis Marks, Scott's father-in-law, whose goal it was to keep Catholics Catholic in the face of a tumultuous period in the Church. In 1988, Scott converted to the Catholic faith, and eagerly seeking to defend his new confession - and even to challenge himself in the Catholic Faith, he began debating with local (to Phoenix, Arizona) non-Catholics, most notably, James White - a prolific Calvinist apologist. White has even admitted that he based his first books on Catholicism on their debates. Scott will be among the first to admit that White is a very talented debater - and Scott was a neophyte - so would not claim he "won" many, if any, of the earlier debates. When Windsor started proving White wrong, on a regular basis, White cut off the conversations/debates.

In late 1988 the first electronic form of ACTS started as an email list on Mike Middleton's "All Nite Cafe" BBS in Phoenix. ACTS went international when it joined Mike and Sharon Mollerus' Catholic Information Network (CIN), sharing the ACTS email list with the world. Later Scott began his own BBS in Phoenix and it was called the "Nite Owl - ACTS BBS" ("Nite Owl" because it was only "online" from 10pm-6am). The Nite Owl - ACTS BBS was part of the "GT Power Network," an international network of independent bulletin boards.

With the Internet getting more and more public, we started our own website. ACTS has since grown to include an IRC chatroom, the CathApol Blog, and three different email groups, now being hosted on yahoogroups.


The CathApol Blog

The CathApol Blog is where we post our "current articles" and allow as well as encourage comments from those reading along. Join us in the "blogosphere!"

The Catholic Debate Forum

Also refered to as "CDF" - the Catholic Debate Forum is an outgrowth of the ACTS Forum, which is the oldest email list on the Internet devoted to Catholic apologetics. ACTS itself is not so busy lately, but the CDF group tends to stay quite active.

The CathApol Chatroom

The CathApol Chatroom is your place to chat with us LIVE!