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1 Peter 3:15

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Atheism Debate
The premise of this debate asks the question "Is Atheism True?"

Dr. Brent Maundy and Mike Jones
(Catholic vs. Atheist)

Translation Debate
Are the traditional Catholic translations of Genesis 3:15 and Luke 1:28 viable translations of the Scriptures?
Scott Windsor and Barry Hofstetter
(Traditional Catholic vs.
Classical Reformation Protestant)

Ex Cathedra Debate
Are ex cathedra statements from popes inconsistent with Scripture?
Scott Windsor and David Rosenthal
(Catholic vs. Non-Denominational Christian)

Free Will Debate
When it comes to salvation, does man have a choice in the matter?
Scott Windsor and Micah Antony
Catholic vs. Calvinist

Sola Scriptura Debate
Is Sola Scriptura Biblical?

Thomas Verga and Micah Antony
Catholic vs. Calvinist

Papacy Debate
Is the Modern Role of the Papacy a Legitimate Development?

Scott Windsor and "Chris"
Catholic vs. Orthodox

John 6 Debate - Literal or Figurative?
Scott Windsor and Dr. Jim Guinee
Catholic vs. Evangelical

Sola Fide Debate
Kevin Tierney and Peter Pike
Catholic vs. Calvinist

Primacy Debate
Jerry Daffer and Joe Suaiden
Catholic vs. Orthodox

Debates from IRC Chatrooms