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ACTS - Responses and Dealings with James White
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James White and Scott Windsor have been "debating" since 1988 or 1989. Below are some of their discussions and also some of Scott's answers to James' published attacks on the One Church that Jesus Christ founded.

Live Debate and Follow-up Responses, sequence of events:

  1. Original IRC Chat Where James Challenges Me
  2. Original Debate/Discussion in Real Audio (Jan 13, 2001)
  3. Scott Windsor's Response the Live Debate
  4. James White Writes an Email to Robert Sungenis, and Robert Responds
  5. James White Publishes a Response (initially on the frontpage of his website)
  6. Robert Sungenis Rebutts James White's Response
  7. Scott Windsor Rebutts James White's Response
  8. James White Posts a Large Response to Robert Sungenis
  9. Scott Windsor Posts a Final Response (Until White is ready to really come to the table)
  10. Robert Sungenis Rebutts James White's Large Response
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Sola Scriptura
The False Decretals
Roma Locuta Est, Causa Finita Est
White Responds to Roma Locuta Est... Windsor add a further response.
White Misrepresents Mathetes Epistle to Diognetus
Incomplete set of notes taken from listening to White on the Mass.

Other Person's Debates/Dealing With James White
Tim Rash vs. James White on the Papacy
(A debate from an AOL Chatroom)

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