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John 6 Debate - January 13, 2001

First Live Debate between Scott and James and Follow-up Responses, sequence of events:

  1. Original IRC Chat Where James Challenges Scott
  2. Original Debate/Discussion in mp3 format (Jan 13, 2001)
  3. Scott Windsor's Response the Live Debate
  4. James White Writes an Email to Robert Sungenis, and Robert Responds
  5. James White Publishes a Response
    (initially on the frontpage of his website)
  6. Robert Sungenis Rebutts James White's Response
  7. Scott Windsor Rebutts James White's Response
  8. James White Posts a Large Response to Robert Sungenis
  9. Scott Windsor Posts a Final Response (Until White is ready to really come to the table)
  10. Robert Sungenis Rebutts James White's Large Response

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