Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus
Outside the Church There Is No Salvation


This is the website home for the EENS Email List. This particular discussion can and often does lead to heated discussions which also include Baptism of Desire (BOD) and Baptism of Blood (BOB). Now, you can be zealous, but must be such with charity. Charity is by far the most important commandment for us all. My position as Moderator of this list will be to NOT moderate unless individuals start going after other individuals in uncharitable ways, (personal attacks, slurs, flames, etc.).
bulletThose who are entering into the debate must be prepared to document their claims with authentic Catholic teaching, or retract undocumented claims.
bulletThis list is also used to discuss matters of debate between Catholics on non-dogmatic issues.  Matters of Dogma are not debatable. For example:
bullet EENS itself is a dogma and non-debateable
bullet Interpretations of BOD/BOB/etc. are not defined as dogma and can be discussed
bulletThis list is not for non-Catholics.

It is NOT the responsibility of ANY individual on the list to judge another on the list. God, our Creator, alone can judge whether a person is going to hell or not. We can, and certainly should, judge the words being written, but not individual persons. For example, you could judge someones statement as a heretical statement, but it is not up to you to call the other person a heretic. It may be a foregone conclusion, but unless you are that person's bishop or a member of a tribunal that has been called to judge that person - YOU cannot call that person a heretic. Now, that being said, if the Church has already judged someone to be a heretic, say John Calvin, then we can refer to such a person as a heretic.

I hope to encourage a lively debate on this subject.

OK, enough said! Let's get to the list!



The only other rule I insist upon for all my lists is that if you have a comment to make about the administration of the list, then you must respond in private email to the moderator - unless the moderator opens such a discussion on the list.

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