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"I should not believe the Gospel except as moved by the authority of the Catholic Church."

(St. Augustine, Against the Epistle of Manichaeus Called Fundamental, 5,6)

Ordinal Time - 2009

We're back in Ordinal Time on the Ecclesial Calendar. It is called "ordinal" because it is a time of counting, as in counting the weeks after Pentecost. This time of year is often called "Ordinary Time" - but I refrain from using that terminology, for it is anything but "ordinary!" I encourage you to take a moment to look at some of the entries in the Locutus Webboard (a discussion board) which discusses some of the major feast days which take place during the counting or ordinal period of the Church Year. Here's that link:

What Can YOU Do in Apologetics Online?

Many things! From email lists, to message boards, to online chat, ACTS hosts many forums and styles to suit your needs! Please join us in one or more of our forums!

  • The Locutus Web Board!
    We're not new to web boards, but Locutus is new to us! Just started March 2007, join in and help get Locutus rolling!
  • ACTS Group on Yahoo
    The OLDEST Group online devoted to Catholic Apologetics! (Moderated)
  • BattleACTS
    Similar to ACTS, but less moderation.
  • Catholic Debate Forum
    A lot like BattleACTS, but challenges between Catholics are allowed here.
  • LIVE! You can chat with us LIVE on #CathApol!
    IRC chat channel on Starlink-IRC can be accessed via an IRC client or our web interface at the link above. We have participants from all across the United States and around the world!

Catholic Apologetics Study Bible

Catholic Apologetics Study Bible, Volume 1, Matthew
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Loaded with study guides and references!
I highly recommend this one! - Scott Windsor

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