On January 6, 2001, I (Scott Windsor) made a comment in CathApol (IRC Chat Channel) to someone who goes by the nickname of "tatrbrain" that "James White has been proven wrong so many times it isn't even funny." Well, tatr showed that line to James and immediately came to my channel and challenged me on it. In the process, he also challenged me to a live debate via his webcast. At any rate, the purpose of this webpage is to document wherein James White has been proven wrong "so many times it isn't funny." This page will include pages from my website and others. Even though I made the claim, that claim was not that I alone proved him "wrong so many times it isn't funny."

James dropped the guantlet, and this is my response.

That being said, we'll let the reader decide if James White has been proven wrong or not. There's a lot here, so I encourage you bookmark this page and come back to it again and again. This will also not be a "closed page" in that when more references come up showing more times that James has been proven wrong, I will add them to this page. So, even after you've read all the pages here, check back again later - there might be more! I will say though, this page will close and be removed when James White converts to the One True Faith. I will also provide responses to any links on this page if James (or someone supporting him) believe that James was actually "right" and the page itself is wrong.

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