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1 Peter 3:15

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Your Catholic Apologetics Portal

The #CathApol IRC Chat Channel

Channel Information



To access our Catholic Apologetics Chat Channel you will need an IRC client or you can use the java based client right now from your browser! (See below where it says, "Get Online Now!") Two of the most popular IRC clients out there are Pirch98 and mIRC (there are others). These can be downloaded from several shareware sites (like these here on, my preference is Pirch98. Once you download a client, run the install of it and start it up.

With Pirch you'll likely need to "enable" the "ident server" which can be found under the "Tools" selection at the top of the program window.

Once you have that set up, click on "Login" select "StarLink-IRC" then find a server that will work from your location. Then click "connect."

Once you are logged in to a server, type: /join #CathApol

That's all there is to it. It's a bit confusing the first time round, but after using the program a couple times, it gets easier. The method for using mIRC is similar. If you are already familiar with IRC, you can get information on StarLink-IRC at: If using mIRC or Pirch, be sure to get the current list of StarLink-IRC servers from their web page - this is important so you have less trouble connecting.

Starlink-IRC Java

Join #CathApol NOW!

If you already have Java loaded on your PC, there's nothing more to load or install!


Also on YahooGroups

You can join in on a discussion we have been discussing on the CathApol YahooGroups group! Some of our discussions are copied to the group where you can add to the discussion/debate either online or by email and at your leasure! You don't have to be online at the same time the rest of us are to participate in these discussions. Participating in YahooGroups is not a "live" interaction like the chat channel is, but is still another way to jump in on the discussions and/or read along with a previous discussion. You can visit the group without joining at:

Subscribe to cathapol
Powered by

Channel Administration:

The Channel Owner/CoFounder is Scott Windsor, aka: Duke77, BigScott or CathApol

You might see any one of those names being used (or a variation thereof with "afk" or "brb" = "away from keyboard" or "be right back").

CoFounder: Wolf_Song

Other Ops:

Verga, aka: Halcyon

As the "ops" or "operators" of the channel - no one op "rules" over the other ops - this includes the Channel Owner/Founder. We work as a team, and we support each other's decisions. No single op overrules another op's decision. If someone has a problem with one of our ops, we ask you to take it off channel and make another op aware of the difficulty. If warrented, we may discuss the situation between one or more of the other ops - including the op the alleged trouble is with. We try to be fair and honest in enforcing the stated rules and policies of our channel (see below).

Not all our ops are Catholics. Being Catholic is not an absolute requirement to be an op in #CathApol. Our ops are expected to moderate the channel and keep "troublemakers" out. A non-Catholic op should not be "wearing the @" if they are questioning or challenging a Catholic teaching (sometimes they are there as participants too). If such an occasion arises where a non-Catholic op is participating in such a challenge, they should de-op themselves. If there are Catholic ops in the channel, the non-Catholic ops will yield to the Catholic ones.

If ANY participant, op or otherwise, notices one of the ops of #CathApol abusing their position then please write to and inform him of the situation. If you have a complaint, you must also provide a log of the situation. Complaints posted without documentation may be ignored.  


  1. No profanity
  2. Be able to document your claims (or retract them)
  3. Catholics will explain Catholicism to non-Catholics
  4. Be charitable in your discussions.
  5. No Traditional vs. Novus Ordo discussions
  6. No bashing of other channels or ops of other channels
    • (And I would caution anyone from even discussing other channels or their ops in here, this can be seen as gossip - which is also sinful. Please keep this in mind).
  7. Stick to Catholic Apologetics.
    • If there are only Catholics in the room, other discussions can take place so long as they do not break any of the other channel rules. If there are Protestants or others "outside the Church", then discussions that are apologetic in nature take precedence (meaning, if an apologetic discussion or question begins, the non-apologetic discussion should cease or go to private chat).
  8. Professing Catholics are not to challenge other professing Catholics.
    • #CathApol is primarily for discussions between Catholics and nonCatholics. If fellow Catholics have questions and/or challenges for each other, this should be done in #Catholics.
  9. If your nick appears to be lewd, satanic or otherwise inappropriate for a Christian channel, you must change it if requested by the ops, or leave.
  10. If you have questions or concerns about the room, then email (remove the words "nospam" from the actual address before sending).


  1. The #CathApol Channel is setup to discuss apologetics, ONLY.
  2. Logfiles are saved and sometimes posted to the webpage of IRC Debates.
  3. You may ask questions of us, even challenge us, but respect must be shown to us and to our Church (including the Pope, the Blessed Virgin, the Magisterium, etc.). You may disagree, but you must show respect.
  4. The Channel Ops will not use their "Op power" to "win" an argument." Report any such abuses to CathApol either in email or in a private chat.
  5. The #CathApol Channel is not to be used to defend any particular "group" that may carry the name "Catholic." We are here to discuss apologetics, only.
  6. If it is noticed that you are in porno or other sexually related channels or "hate" channels (like nazism, or skinheads, etc.), or other objectional channels, you will be asked to part those or ours.
  7. Questions about Catholicism will be answered by Catholics, and preferably one of the Channel Operators (Ops). Non-Catholics and especially Ex-Catholics are not to "teach" others about Catholicism - that must be left to those who ARE Faithful Catholics.
  8. Catholics will NOT contradict Catholic dogma/teaching in channel. If you are a Catholic and have a question or challenge regarding the Catholic Faith, ask one of the ops for access to our private channel, for Catholics only, for such discussions.


Violations of the Rules and/or Policies will get you kicked from the channel. Repeated violations will get you banned. Overt attacks on the channel or channel ops will get you banned the first time.

An Essay by One of Our Ops:
Dr. Tim Wells (aka gsxr)
The Church of the New Testament

A GREAT set of reference books:
William Jurgen's
Faith of the Early Fathers Vol. 1

Faith of the Early Fathers Vol. 2

Faith of the Early Fathers Vol. 3


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