Sola Scriptura Debate - Verga v. Antony

Working Definition of Sola Scriptura for this Debate:

Art used by Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright 1992. To order prints visit her "Revelation Illustrated" site,

Affirmative: Micah Antony
Negative: Thomas Verga (Verga)

Debate Rules/Format:

Once the Moderator has received and acknowledged each phase/round of the debate that is when we start "counting" for the time restrictions between phases/rounds.

Round 1
2000 words (max) Opening Arguments
Each round will be judged by the Moderator on these merits:

  • To open with thesis statement (25 points)
  • Follow by documentation of thesis statement (25 points)
  • Followed by summary arguments linking documentation with thesis statement (25 points)
  • Use of valid argumentation throughout (25 points - minus 5 points for each invalid statement)
  • All valid sources will have online links.
The Moderator will not be making judgments of right or wrong during the debate and will reserve his personal comments until after the debate is concluded.

Round 2a - (within 5 days of start of Round 1)
Up to 300 words Cross-Examination (not scored)
Participants question each other for clarity (No new material may be introduced, but you may call into question the source or context).

Round 2b - (within 48 hours)
Pariticipants will provide rebuttal of up to 700 words Round one (new material/sources may be introduced here).

Round 3a - (within 48 hours)
Up to 300 words Cross-Examination of 2b Rebutal (no new material may be introduced again here - not scored).

Round 3b - (within 48 hours)
Participants will provide up to 1200 words of rebuttal to Round 3a arguments (new material may be introduced).

Round 4 - (within 72 hours)
Concluding statement up to 1500 words either rebutting opponents argument or reinforcing their own.

Total Possible Points: 400
Cross-exam questioning rounds not scored as this is a time to ask questions, not present arguments. However the Rebuttal portion of these rounds, being supportive arguments, will be scored.

Round 5: (Unofficial)
Discussion may continue on BattleACTS (BattleACTS is where the challenge of this debate initiated). A poll will be taken among BattleACTS subscribers (you must be a member of BattleACTS to participate in the poll). This is also being followed on the CathApol Blog.


Verga's Opening Statement

Moderator's Scoring Verga's Opening

Antony's Opening Statement

Moderator's Scoring Antony's Opening


Verga's Cross Exam Questions

(not scored)

Antony's Cross Exam Questions

(not scored)


Verga's Response to 2a Questions

Scoring for Verga 2b

Antony's Response to 2a Questions

Scoring for Antony 2b


Verga's Cross Exam Questions

(not scored)

Antony's Cross Exam Questions

(not scored)


Verga's Response to 3a Questions

Scoring for Verga 3b

Antony's Response to 3a Questions

Scoring for Antony 3b


Verga's Closing Arguments

Scoring for Verga Final

Antony's Closing Arguments

Scoring for Antony Final

Moderator Summary

A Second Opinion from
a Sola Scriptura Supporter

"Moderator Misjudgments"

Antony's Protestation and Ensuing Discussion

Moderator Self Review

Of places where points were taken from Antony

The Poll on BattleACTS

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