Is Jesus' Command in John 6 to
Eat My Flesh...or You Have No Life In You
A Literal Command, or a Figurative Statement?

Affirmative: Mr. Scott Windsor

Negative: Dr. Jim Guinee

Windsor Opening Statement Guinee Opening Statement
Windsor Rebuttal 1 Guinee Rebuttal 1
Windsor Rebuttal 2 Guinee Rebuttal 2
Windsor Rebuttal 3 Guinee Rebuttal 3
Live Cross-Examination
Windsor Closing Argument Guinee Closing Argument

If anyone else would like to participate in this debate, they may do so if they are willing to abide by the guidelines accepted by Mr. Windsor and Dr. Guinee. Those guidelines are:
  1. Prepare and Opening Statement which presents YOUR view (not an attack on your opponent's view)
  2. After the Open Statements we will have two or three rounds of rebuttal arguments.
  3. After the Rebuttal Arguments, we will have a live exchange in the #CathApol IRC chat channel for a live cross-examination. (Only the participants in this debate will be given "voice" during the official cross examination. Before and after the officially agreed upon time, the channel will be open to all for open discussion.
  4. After the Live Cross-Examination, Final Arguments will be prepared and presented.
  5. All non-live submissions to this debate will be publicly presented in the Catholic Debate Forum on Yahoogroups.