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Is Atheism True?

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In the Catholic Debate Forum an Atheist, Mike Jones, stated he would debate anyone on the subject of Atheism and Dr. Brent Maundy accepted the challenge. You can also follow the debate in the Catholic Debate Forum (CDF) ( click here to start) and any post-debate discussions to follow in that thread. The post-debate discussions will only be available in the CDF forum and will not be included here on the website.

For the sake of convenience, I have taken each entry from the debate and entered them here.

Jones, while agreeing to a formal debate, opposed a more formal debate construct - so the format is more conversational, back and forth.

  1. Jones Opening Statement
  2. Maundy Rebuttal 1
  3. Jones Rebuttal 1
  4. Maundy Rebuttal 2
  5. Jones Rebuttal 2
  6. Maundy Closing Arguments
  7. Jones Closing Argument

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