Is Atheism True Debate - Jones v. Maundy

Is Atheism True?

Dr. Brent Maundy, Catholic

Response to Opening Argument

Brent's Response to Jones First defense of Positive Atheism.

Mikes Objection: God who is omniscient and omnipotent (God of unmodified classical theism) possesses mutually contradictory properties. Why because assuming God knew he would impregnate Mary in 0 AD, God does not have the power to delay impregnating Mary in 1 AD. Therefore God who is incapable of failing must be false and atheism (positive) must be true.

Brent Reply 1: I reply that the example cited by Mike is not a defense of atheism but rather makes no sense at all. It is illogical. A God who is all powerful and omnipotent, having known when (as in time wise by our standards) he by his own wisdom and reasoning and planning would make Jesus become man, has no need to delay impregnating Mary. God who is omniscient and omnipotent is by definition outside of space and time as we human beings know it. He is the creator of space and time and has ordered everything according to a time and season as scripture tells us. Therefore he God would have no need to change Jesus arrival date because God will shall always be done and was done in 0 AD. Hint: Omnipotent. Therefore Mikes hypothetical posturing that God possesses mutually contradictory properties is false, because Jesus was only born once of a virgin in 0 AD showing that God is omnipotent. As further proof to our readers there is no record of Jesus Christ being born twice or God delaying or thinking of delaying Jesus birth pre 0 AD.

Brent Reply 2: I reply that Mikes defense is also false because Mike assumes that God would consider the possibility as Mike has done that God would want to delay Mary’s pregnancy. The reader should note that Mike gives no reason whatsoever that God would want to follow Mikes reasoning for a delay but nevertheless none is given. Even if Mike had the mind of God which he does not have, given God will shall be done as the Christian believes, there is no guarantee that an omniscient and omnipotent God would follow Mikes line of reasoning. In fact I categorically state he would not, as God’s ways are not our ways as scripture tells us.

Comment: Further I argue that we cannot even get to Mikes premises because his example is illogical and a complete misunderstanding of what an omniscient and who an omnipotent God really is. This is not a debate.


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