Verga's Cross Examination Questions for Micah

In your opening statement you referred to the Bible a little over 50 times, yet you directly quote the Bible less than 10 times, and most of those were only partial quotes. Additionally none of these verses give the Bible supremacy, exclusivity, or even primacy. If you truly believe that the Bible is the "Highest Authority" why not directly quote even one that does specifically mention supremacy, exclusivity, or primacy ?

Second why did you feel the need to interpret and explain what each of these verses meant? We are constantly told by Protestant Ministers,and Apologists that the "Main things are the plain things, and the plain things are the main things" If Scripture were so perspicuous then why do we need to have interpretations of Scripture and why don't all scriptural interpretations match?

Third in your first paragraph you state that the scriptures precede the Church yet it was members of the "Church" that wrote the New Testament, how is this possible?

Fourth you spend almost half of your opening telling why the Catholic church is wrong rather than re-enforcing  why the Bible is the "Highest Authority," why is this?

Fifth in the post from BattleACTS you cited, I asked: Let me ask you, where did God write down the laws regarding slaves in Exodus 21, how about the social laws from Exodus 22:15- , the religious laws from Exodus 23: 10. You never answered my question about those verse on the forum or in your opening statement, When can I expect an answer to that question?

Finally at the end paragraph number six you say "Thus, like a ball of yarn, the string of Sola Scriptura  begins to unravel at the dawn of creation." You are aware that when something unravels, is when it falls apart?

Word count= 299