Antony's Cross Examination Questions for Verga

You say:

Galatians 3:19 "Why, then, the law? ...... it was promulgated by angels at the hand of a mediator."

Hebrews 2:2 "For if the word announced through angels proved firm,....."

Acts 7:53  "You received the law as transmitted by angels,...."

Q:   Despite the moderator highlighting this in red as valid documentation, I want to know if you're willing to retract this;  being irrelevent due to the following:

1)  While the accounts above say that the angels were "involved"  in the giving of the law at Sinai, it DOES NOT explain the precise role they played.   If you're insinuating that angels were the prime agents in giving the law (to vindicate your thesis)  that would be  pure  speculation.   The easiest explanation  is that the angels were merely  in attendance at this grand occasion.  Exodus 19:9-25 says that there was a prolonged sound of a trumpet, which they were more than likely  responsible for (1 Thess 4:16).   Therefore, it was not by their mouth, nor by their hand as prime agents that Moses received the law, but God Himself gave it, with them in attendance as  He  wrote the 10 commandments.

2)    Heb 2:2 could simply be referring to those messages which God sent by angels, i.e., the case of Lot and others (Gen 19), and certainly doesn't refer to the Mosaic Law.

3)   You submit:  Yet no where in the Old Testament is this recorded that the Mosaic covenant was given through angels.

Wrong.  The incident of the giving of the law by  God, with angels in attendance, is mentioned in the O.T. in  Deut 33:2 and Ps 68:17.
 Q:    You mentioned the "inspiration of the Catholic Church".
         Is Tradition inspired (i.e., theopneustos) ?

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