Roma Locuta Est, Causa Finita Est

Mr. King posted a quote from St. Augustine on the NTRMin Discussion Board. Scott Windsor posts another quote from St. Augustine showing some more "Catholic" leanings, and challenges, "perhaps you should think twice before quoting this great Catholic Saint again!

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Undeniable proof that the Councils of Carthage and Mileve as well as St. Augustine himself were yeilding to the Apostolic See, the Bishop of Rome, as the authority that was capable of presenting a teaching to ALL the Churches, unlike a single bishop or a local council (like Carthage and Mileve) which can only regulate their local jurisdiction. The following response was written on September 23, 2003 and posted to the NTRMin Discussion board on September 24, 2003, after Mr. King was citing modern commentaries to support his contention that no emphasis was put on Rome, and that the only reason these councils addressed Rome was due to the fact that Pelagius came from Rome. It is true enough, Pelagius began teaching his heresy in Rome - but the actual words from these councils render Mr. King's arguments (and those modern commentaries) utterly untenable.

Sermon 131.10 Scenario/Background

Scott's first response on NTRMin on this subject (about a year previous to the above scenario/article).

Response to King and Svendsen