Free Will Debate Antony v. Windsor

Free Will Debate

Round 3a

Windsor’s Questions

Before I begin this round of questions, I am requesting that you respond to my questions, in order.  You don’t need to use your word count in repeating my questions, but do number your answers and use complete sentences.

1) Are you claiming that the “drawing” and the “giving” are the same thing?

2) When you say “the Lord will have His way” when talking about your “contemplation” (which I believe you’re equating to your limited will) and also using Proverbs 16:9, are you not basically saying that God is the Great Puppet Master, and you and I are nothing more than one of His puppets?

3) When you consider, if you have considered it at all, that we will ALL be JUDGED, what’s the sense in a future JUDGMENT if it’s all predetermined?  

4a) What is love?  4b) Is it something FREELY given, or something predetermined?  

5) Does God want us to freely give our love to Him, or does He force upon us as to who will love Him and who will reject Him?

6) Do you realize that Jeremiah 30 is speaking specifically to the people of Israel?  

7) Do you realize that to the people of Israel, God sent His only begotten Son - and not only to them, but to “whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16 KJV)?

8) Do you realize that GIVING this RIGHT to WHOSOEVER, without limit, leaves the calling of salvation to those who will hear the call and RESPOND to it?

9) When you say, “but this is indeed, "the fault of God"” are you not saying that God is the author of evil?

Questions not directly answered from Round 2a:
10) In #3 I asked you to demonstrate how someone doing something according to their nature, that which God creates them with, could be offensive to God, you did not provide a direct answer.  How can that which God gives them be offensive to Him?  

11) How is that being a “Just God?”

12) Question 4 asks if “bondage of the will” is scriptural or a slogan of Luther, and you provided us with Romans 1:1, “a bondservant of Jesus Christ” - which is wholly opposite to Luther’s position on “bondage of the will,” so I ask the question again.

13) In my question 6 I asked if the “elect” comes from the group of the “drawn,” and you didn’t answer that at all.  Instead you said “all men are not drawn to Christ” (which was your answer to my question 1, but you never answerd #6).

14) You totally ignored question 8: “...if one is of “the elect” and has not the ability to turn his back on the Lord, how could he ‘harden (his) heart?’”

Word Count: 468

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