Free Will Debate Antony v. Windsor

Free Will Debate

Round 2a

Windsor’s Questions for Antony

1) Now, while I agree with “there is none that seeketh after God,” I also read that in context with John 6 and John 12; that being said, do you agree that “all men are drawn to Him” (John 12:32)?

2) Does not the very definition of sin as willful offense against God shoot down the premise of no Free Will?

3) Can you see how what anyone does by nature cannot and should not offend God, unless there is an element of disobedience, which implies choices and alternatives with such choices being Free Will?

4) Would you concede that “bondage of the will” is not a scriptural term, but is one of Martin Luther’s “slogans?”

5) In one breath you say “men are free moral agents,” and we agree!  Is the debate over?  You go on to say, “our wills are in subjection to our heart’s desires...” wouldn’t you agree that “our heart’s desires” and “our will” is duplicitous?

6) Would you agree that “the elect” comes from the group of “those who are drawn?”

7) Are you aware that John 3:8 only states one does not know where the “sound” of the “wind” has “come from” and still leaves the will of the “hearer” in the picture as to being “born of the Spirit?”

8) I will close with the Responsorial Psalm from today (Oct. 3, 2010):
For He is our God, And we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand. Today, if you would hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts.
(Psalms 95:7-8 NASB not a Catholic translation)
And I ask, if one is of “the elect” and has not the ability to turn his back on the Lord, how could he “harden (his) heart?”

Word Count: 300

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